Montana Fish Report

Hopefully the hoppers will turn on any day now on the Madison

by Mike Lawson

Hopefully the hoppers will turn on any day now on the Madison, and when I say any day, I mean it. You will only know if you get out there. Flows coming out of Hebgen Lake on the Madison are sitting at 1,020 cfs. From the report I have heard is the hopper bight is on right now down below Varney Bridge so soon enough it will hopefully be moving its way up. If you’re looking to get some pre-hopper fishing in, then get out there with a drop dropper rig during the day. As I’m sure you have heard all season it’s a Chubby down to a nymph. Some good patterns to use could be a size 16 Redneck, Size 16 Black Bullet Quill, a Pheasant Tail. If you’re just wading, then head to Reynolds Pass or Three Dollar bridge and walk the banks and fish the pocket water against the banks or behind rocks. Another great option if you’re looking for some more scenic fishing would be to go fish between the lakes. It’s the same deal there, find a good slick and work it with a dry dropper. Later in the evening if you see bugs coming off it is either caddis or other smaller mayflys. Some good bugs to have for backups for this situation would be a Rusty Spinner size 14, Mathews X-Caddis in a 16, or a Parachute Adams in a size 16. Just like the Henry’s Fork the Madison is seeing very warm temps during the later day. Try to be out early and off early, and again be careful with fish.

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