Montana Fish Report

Harriman Ranch Fishing Report

by Mike Lawson

The ranch has fished well during the morning and evening hours of the day but has noticeably gotten worse as the day progresses and the temperatures get hotter. Getting out fishing spinner falls in the morning, leaving the river to have a nice relaxing afternoon, and then getting back to fish caddis hatches in the evening would be the best course of action for an angler looking to fish the ranch throughout the day. Temperatures are simply too hot for quality fishing after the morning spinner falls and before the evening hatches to justify spending all hours of the day on the ranch. If we can get a day with some nice cloud cover and maybe even a light drizzle, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a hatch of flavs. I would have plenty of size 16 rusty spinners, PMD spinners and cripples, flav patterns for the cloudy days, beetles, and size 16 and 18 darker caddis for the evening. With the even warmer days of August approaching, letting these fish relax during the hottest parts of the day will be important for maintaining a healthy fishery for us all.

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