Montana Fish Report

The Madison is spot to be in the park

Photo Credit: Henrys Fork Anglers

by Todd Lanning

The Madison is spot to be in the park. There is a great run of rainbows and brown trout coming up from Hebgen Lake. There are the usual grumpy guys in all the usual runs. Make sure you are familiar with the runner etiquette. Take a cast through the run and take a few steps down and cast again. I know that may sound silly and you may be thinking to yourself “I will fish this river any damn way I please” but if you do not follow this etiquette plan on hearing about it! I have seen fist fights on this river over the proper way to fish. I like to swing copper zonkers but I don’t really think it matters. If you’re swinging or stripping streamers then pick what ever streamer you like. You will also be successful nymphing in the runs. Rubber legs and the old trusty zebra midge will do the trick.

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